Compassionate Counselor, relentless litigator, fearless advocate.

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Whether you are fighting for your rights or your freedom, Erious Johnson is the determined, persistent and relentless litigator you need.


Whether you are opening a business or dealing with discrimination, Erious is a compassionate counselor who will help you understands your rights and guide you in the right direction.


Not all problems can be solved in a courtroom. Erious Johnson is the fearless advocate that can help you shape and spread your message.

Practice Areas

Civil Rights/Discrimination

Although we are all created equal, there are those who fail to respect the rights of their fellow citizens: Is your employer one of these people? If this has happened to you, contact us.

Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested? While you sit wondering what you should do next, the prosecutor has already dispatched investigators and is formulating ways to send you to a cage. Call before it's too late.

Civil Practice

At Harmon Johnson LLC we do not believe that litigation should make you a millionaire, but it should allow you to pay your medical bills, feed your family, and fairly compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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